Commissions open!

If you'd like a piano cover of a track you like, you liked one of my arrangements and would like another of your choice, or if you need some original music you can commission me anytime! I can also mix vocals for your covers, or do simple audio editing jobs for your cosplay competition needs or anything like that.

If there's anything else you think I might be able to do, just ask and we can talk about it! I reserve the right to decline any request that might be beyond my current competencies.

I accept payment via Paypal only prior working. Contact me if interested!

10€ - "I only have one hand" (impress your non-musician friends with minimum effort)
Examples: [x]
12€ - "Ten tiny fingers but a big heart" (this is me btw)
Examples: [x] [x] [x] [x]
14€ - "I have 18 fingers, they're so long, entertain me" (IS THIS A CHALLENGE)
Examples: [x]

Can you write sheets for other instruments, too?
Of course! I'd be glad to. Fact is, piano's my instrument of choice so of course I've seen a lot more piano sheets than, say, flute sheets or anything else. I have no problem transcribing melodies only but I want to do the instrument justice so I have a tiny bit of research to do beforehand. Other than that, if it's just the melody I can probably do that for around 5€, hit me up if you're interested.

12€ - Simple Piano Cover for you to sing along (short-sized only, until about 1:30, +2€ if longer)
18€ - Rearrangement in a style of your choice (may charge extra in advance if it's particularly difficult, e.g. orchestral)
Example: As Far As I Could Get (snippet)
20€ - Same as above, except longer (longer than 1:30 circa, something like TV Size VS Full Size)

15€ - Original music writing (no lyrics, up until 1:30 circa, you probably won't get a bridge)
20€ - Original music writing (asking for a bridge? Asking for a bridge. Longer than 1:30, can reach up to 4:00 circa)

8€ - Single voice mix (up until 1:30, single counter melody included)
12€ - Single voice mix (longer than 1:30, same as above)
6€ per voice - Group mixes (up until 1:30)
10€ per voice - Group mixes (longer than 1:30)

Yes, this is awfully generic.
5€ - Jingles (0:15~0:30 circa)
10€ - General BGM (up until around 1:30)
+3€ for each additional minute (more or less)
14~18€ - Music matching a video (depends on lenght, genre and how strict the matching has to be)

6~8€ per track (1:00~1:30 loop circa), depends on complexity. I'm flexible about OSTs and there's gonna be a lot of talking anyway.

2.50€ - Copy-pasting already existing music to match loop points, cross-fading between tracks, staying under the time limit and all that jazz
+2€ - Adding voices, balancing volumes
+2€ - Additional effects (stuff like glitches, making your buddy sound like Darth Vader, the usual stuff)